AROS ​​Vision

Modern and free Amiga-Compatible Experience on Amiga and PC

AROS Vision - the free alternative

AROS is a open source implementation of AmigaOS, vastly compatible to 3.1 API. The 68k version of AROS (called AROS 68k) is binary compatible to Amiga binaries. This means you can extend or replace components with amiga 68k binaries. In future there will also be a linux branch of aros with aros software and components compiled to linux. Current versions of aros vision are based on aros 68k. There are three different desktops on aros currently, wanderer (native aros desktop), scalos and magellan. Aros Vision offers versions based on scalos and magellan.

Based on Aros

AROS offers many components that are 3rd party on amigaos. This includes RTG (CybergraphX), Network, AHI, MUI-Implementation (Zune), USB support (Poseidon). Additional of course most of the standard libraries and devices


There are many games included in AROS Vision


WHDLOAD is preinstalled by default (also some games). For easier use there is iGame included. AROS roms are preinstalled by default that work with 60-70% of all games. If available original roms can be used.


  • From AROS network support, RTG (cybergraphX), USB (Poseidon), MUI (Zune), AHI
  • XAD/XFD (Packer)
  • WHDLoad (aros roms preinstalled)
  • Advanced datatypes
  • DiskImage Device (mount of ADF and ISO)
  • many libraries added
  • many fileformats supported (viewer and player predefined)
  • Time synchronisation
  • many commodities and software preinstalled
  • in context-menues many options predefined, f.e. conversion between all datatypes like IFF in PNG by one mouse click
  • Magellan and Scalos desktops available
  • Anim-formats (VOB, YAFA, AVI, FLC, FLI, ANIM, MPEG, WMV)
  • archive formats (ACE, ARC, ARJ, BZIP, CAB, CPIO, Crunch, DMS, GZIP, LBR, LHA, LhF, PAK, PC64, RPM, SFX, TAP, TAR, WAD, ZOO, 7ZIP, BZIP2, JAR, LZX, RAR, TGZ, ZIP)
  • Images (ADF, ADZ, D64, DMS, FDI, IMG, KGB, MDF, ATR, DSK, KGB, LZO, MSA, NRG, STX, T64, WOZ)
  • PDF-Viewer
  • Mount ADF and ISO 
  • Pictures ( PCX, TIFF, BMP, GEM, GIF, IFF, JPEG, Koala, PCX, PNG, PNM, TARGA, TIFF and others)
  • Sample (OGG, VOC, WAV, WMA, MIDI, SID, AHX, DMO, MED, MTM, OKT, PTM, SFX, DIGI, HVL, MGT, MOD, XM and others)

Conditions for Download

Conditions for download

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Magellan (68k)